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No time! We are eloping!—-

No time! We are eloping!—-

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Harumi (c) Mattyzilla

Kana (c) Edenized 

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bunch of doodles to try and get back into art

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Not sure if going to make child like this yet but possibility that she gets a breast reduction earlier than I planned. She looses stress over hearing her cousins college plans…

Not sure if going to make child like this yet but possibility that she gets a breast reduction earlier than I planned. She looses stress over hearing her cousins college plans…

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Wooo dumping more

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Wooo older children at age 25 or something. Cecile ends up being a model after highschool yay dream come true, only to find out she actually doesn’t want to be a model. So after she quit she thought more on what she wanted to be and became an art teacher! 

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Got tagged by the Inc! I’ve been tagged so much recently…. 

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Do you like exchanging letters? What do you think about it?

Yes I do like exchanging letters~ Though I have terrible handwriting so I feel bad for anyone that has to read my crappy penmanship;;; But I have a really big problem with not sending out things because I can never get stamps asjkfhafa //sends things like a year later

Is there any dream job, like a very dreamy one, that you wish you could have? Mine is to be an undine/gondola rower (yeah like that in ARIA universe), so that’s an example. Describe about it a bit.

Ah. Well… Sometimes I really question my dream job to be honest;;; I’d like to become a graphic designer because of my interest wit art but sometimes I feel like I just say that answer because that’s the career my parents have always told me have…so every once in a while I really question it…. but what an interesting dream of yours <> p <> i’m afraid of boats so I’d suck at that job;;;

This is OOT but I’m SORRY IF WE HAVEN’t TALKED IN A WHIL E ….…. . YOU ARE ALWAYS in my heart, really you are. Shh.

Ahhh //// You will always be in my heart as well!  Actually its totally fine if someone doesn’t talk to me for a long time…well of course I’d miss them very much but as long as the feelings stay the same within the relationship when we talk again then I could wait an eternity for them to return. 

If you could decorate/stuff your room with anything, what ever will you choose?

I’m not sure…. currently my room is princess themed actually;; //had it since I was ten// eheehe;;; I guess I’d like it to be more colorful… be able to put up whatever I wanted on my walls would be nice… I’m sorry for my uninteresting answers;;;

If you could relate yourself with an animal, what would it be? Or if you could not, what is your ideal pet?

Hmm… I guess I could relate with a dog?;;; Stay loyal even through out everything?… And dogs get in trouble a lot to I guess so maybe that fits?;;; I’m not good at this ahaha

How long do you usually need to forgive someone?

In a matter of seconds most of the time. I’d rather not spend time being upset about something…life is short! Though if its a major issue or keeps popping up I will immediately have a talk about it. Though recently I guess I get more agitated and stay angry for longer;;; 

Describe about your style of clothing when you actually dress yourself up.

I dont think I have a style… I guess what ever looks okay because I have no taste;;; I wear very dark clothing usually. I’d like to be more colorful…

Is there any characters/public figure you can’t get off of your mind till now _( : D )_ wh y

Uwahh characters <> <>? Do ocs count… I guess for characters it would have to be my oc Tsubaki… mostly because shes such a difficult child I’m still trying to work out safjhjfa

Favourite book, movie, and/or person you admire?

Eh.. I-I don’t really read… I wish I found books I’m interested in since I feel like I’m really missing out… anything about true stories I like—- My favorite movie is Spirited away! The person(people) I admire most is my father and my friend Eryn.

Name 6 traits you like about yourself!

I can’t really think of any honestly ehehe;;;

What is your opinion about ~becoming one with the universe~ — what does it remind you, or what does it sound to you? sorry I’m so weird o)————-<

Uwahh what I think of it <> <>? Hmm….maybe finding inner peace with one self and surroundings so you just sort of float about your business with ease? And no no it doesn’t sound weird at all sakjfhfsa 


Yay finished. Now to tag some lozers. Jkjk I love you all asfjakhfja

DjNekoiNeko , Spextrum, DoubleErity, Rhodotoxin, Waterbits, Edenized, Milkylace. I can’t think of anyone else….

1. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

2. How was your first kiss like ; D

3. What would you like to improve most on?

4. What is a dream of yours? 

5. What’s one of your most embarrassing moments? Ifyoudontmindmeasking.

6. Do you have a favorite song?

7. If you could meet any one of your idols who would it be? Can be a singer, artist, ect.

8. What is one of your pet peeves? 

9. What is your favorite video/vine/whatever. 

10. Do you remember your first oc you created? What was their name? What did they look like?

11. If you were a magical girl/boy what would your alias name be? 

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Full sketch woo! Sorry for spam&#8212;- All characters belong to rightful owners.

Full sketch woo! Sorry for spam—- All characters belong to rightful owners.

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Moar buns 
Nami (c) Pcat
Miu (c) Silversolo

Moar buns 

Nami (c) Pcat

Miu (c) Silversolo

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